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ADDATECH Systems Inc. is a Canadian company headquartered in Laval, Quebec, that specializes in the development of powerful, versatile management software solutions – including the highly acclaimed ClinicmasterTM.

Who we are

who-we-are-bg-imgADDATECH Systems Inc. is a Canadian company headquartered in Laval, Québec. We began as an information technology company that specialized in ‘ready for market’ product applications, consulting services and customized application development. However, in 1999 a life changing event for Max Di Paola aimed ADDATECH in a different direction. The outcome of this event became what we now know as “Clinicmaster”. The rest is HIS STORY… To know more about how Clinicmaster came to be, read Max’s story.

ADDATECH is dedicated to creating high-quality ‘Practice Management’ software solutions that are beneficial and powerful. We employ the latest information technology and focus on providing healthcare professionals and clinic owners with the best tools to ensure quality service for their businesses. ADDATECH successfully services multi-disciplinary clients from coast to coast across Canada as well as in the UK, USA and Africa.

Providing “top-notch” customer service and support is of utmost importance to us. We are committed to the on-going development of Clinicmaster and work hard to meet the evolving needs of our clients and the industry. Clinicmaster is THE most reliable software solution being well designed, user-friendly and backed by a solid support team.

At ADDATECH, we believe in win/win relationships with our clients. Our success is greatly related to the success of our clients. We understand your business and realize that your ‘#1’ priority is to successfully manage your practice, and provide your patients/clientele with the best possible service. Clinicmaster will empower you to focus on revenue generating activities and help you to bring your practice to new heights.

A little background about the founder of ADDATECH

How Clinicmaster came to be. Max’s Story…

The Injury

In the fall of 1998, I tore the ACL in my left knee while playing basketball. After consulting with an orthopedic surgeon and taking his advice, I followed therapy and strengthening exercises for a couple of months. However, in the spring of 1999 on a softball field, I painfully realized that surgery was inevitable.

Surgery #1

In May of the same year, I underwent ACL replacement surgery. The ligament was successfully replaced but I was the unfortunate victim of a serious Staph infection. The infection was serious enough to force a second surgery within two weeks of the initial surgery.

Surgery #2

Due to the seriousness of the infection and other complications, I was unable to start rehab therapy for several weeks post op. Once therapy began, I had lost most of the muscle mass in my left leg, had less than 15% flexion in the knee and was not able to lift my leg. Walking without any aids was something that could only be accomplished after a long period of rehab and exercise.

The Rehabilitation

I began intensive therapy 5 days a week, several hours a day in June 1999. During those six months of intensive therapy, I became a fixture at the clinic. I befriended all the therapists at the clinic and came to know most of the patients as well. Once I was feeling better, I returned to my old self – a problem solver. What I guess I should tell you is that I am an information technology specialist. Since graduating in 1984 from McGill University in Montreal, I have been involved in the IT industry as a consultant, IT manager and senior developer.

The Problems

By spending so much time at the clinic, I was able to learn what a clinic truly needed to run efficiently and professionally. I witnessed the inefficiencies and frustrations of the front office staff (these were not due to lack of knowledge or willingness to work). The truth is that the number of activities and responsibilities of the front office makes business growth a challenge.

I consulted with my therapist, now my friend, who is also the clinic owner. Through those discussions, I understood that the software they were using was deficient in many key areas of the business. The software was hindering growth. Using a manual system in this day and age was not an option. How would they ever be able to grow to a truly profitable business?

We discussed ways to improve operations at the front desk. After all, every patient must interface with the front desk to register, book, reschedule, pay, and inquire about anything. I recognized that improving efficiency at the front desk was KEY to success for clinics.

I also understood that improvement of overall efficiency went beyond the front desk and that clinic owners needed a toolset that would assist them in analyzing their business. Analyzing how your business is doing and more importantly where your business could improve, is a cornerstone of the success of any business. This was never done because of time constraints. Getting the accounting in order was enough of a headache, who had time to analyze the business? Any “free” time would have to be spent visiting doctors for those precious referrals.

It was very clear to me that the industry was in need of a tool that offered all the things clinic owners required most: increased efficiency, sound patient management, detailed referral management, document management, and business analysis. With this toolset, a clinic owner would stand a much better chance of building a business that could reach its full potential.

The Solution

In 1999, what started as a circumstance of misfortune; resulted in a product that has brought much satisfaction and business growth to users of Clinicmaster. In 2000, I left the consulting world to focus my efforts on bringing this product to its full potential.

Anyone familiar with software development will tell you that software is never finished, it is forever evolving. At ADDATECH, we are up to the challenge. We work very hard to provide you with the best product in hopes that it will help you succeed in an industry that is so very special.

I know firsthand what your industry has done for me and I am happy to “return the favor”!



Our mission is to provide practitioners with technological advancements, guidance, and knowledge which empower them to ultimately drive better patient outcomes.


We value innovation, diversity, social responsibility, patient privacy, and ethical use of technology.


We are firmly committed to the ongoing improvement of how we deliver services to the community and to maintaining our leadership in the field.


We focus all of our efforts on providing value-added services by constantly upgrading our solutions based on input from the community in order to meet changing needs.


Quality and excellence is paramount, not only when it comes to the products and services we provide, but also to our client relationships and performance.


Team spirit, solidarity, mutual trust and knowledge sharing are our key sources of motivation.

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