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See how Clinicmaster is designed specifically to help you keep your clinic busy and well-managed, with more features, tools and partnerships than any other healthcare practice management platform.

Effortless appointment booking & scheduling

Accessible from any device (desktop, web, smartphone or tablet), Clinicmaster is loaded with smart, built-in features to simplify every aspect of appointment booking, no matter how big or small your practice.

  • Anyone – you, your practitioners, receptionist, and clients – can book from anywhere, anytime.
  • Rely on the robust desktop version to manage the schedules of an unlimited number of practitioners and therapies.
  • Let clients create a personal login page to book their own appointments and access all kinds of easy-to-use, time-saving tools.
  • Customize your dashboard with color, icons, tabs and more so you see all the information you need when booking appointments, such as room availability, practitioner availability, client’s insurance type, therapy category, the length of various appointment times, etc.

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Next-level charting & EMR

Clinicmaster’s powerful charting and EMR includes our “intelligent” electronic forms, which automate and dramatically improve your clinic’s workflow, from intake to discharge, seamlessly merging all client information into a single electronic chart.

  • Update all related files automatically when you make modifications in a client chart.
  • Let clients fill out their intake forms at home through the client login page and reduce wait times at your clinic.
  • Create, chart and fill out SOAPS digitally using the latest interactive tools on any device.
  • Create a personalized discharge process so you stay in contact with patients even after their treatment cycle.

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Simplified billing & accounting

Accounting is crucial to your business. There’s no getting around it. That is why Clinicmaster comes with an intelligent system that simplifies your billing and accounting – no matter how complex your billing structure. So you can focus on taking care of your clients.

  • Rely on Clinicmaster’s fully integrated models to handle all the billing requirements in your region, territory or province (Teleplan, HCAI, Workers’ Compensation, Motor Vehicle Associations (MVA), CNESST, SAAQ, etc.).
  • Rely on Clinicmaster to do the bill splitting for clients with insurance or co-pay, etc.
  • Keep track of third-party billing and click to batch-bill on time according to the various funders’ requirements.
  • Track billing and accounts receivable per funder, per patient and per practitioner.
  • Set up different payment structures for different practitioners and therapies.

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Efficient clinic management

Your staff is juggling charts, clients, transactions, billings, insurance coverages, schedules, inquiries and so much more. Streamline daily clinic management with Clinicmaster. It puts all the tools they need right at their fingertips.

  • Make quick work of time-consuming end-of-day tasks, like balancing cash.
  • Forget pulling client charts by hand. Do it electronically and be ready for the next day in minutes.
  • Offer wellness products and manage inventory with barcode labels, time-to-reorder alerts, etc.
  • Calculate compensation with just a click according to the individual agreements you have with each practitioner.
  • Get rid of all your yellow sticky notes. Use the built-in reminder system to create to-do lists.
  • Identify dropped clients you should invite back to complete their treatment.

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Highly personalized client relations & marketing

Most of your business comes from word-of-mouth referrals by your clients – at least 80% in fact. Enhance the client experience with Clinicmaster. It puts the right tools in your hands to communicate in a highly personalized way so you stay top of mind.

  • Use the powerful, easy-to-use CRM to communicate one on one and stay in touch with clients like never before.
  • Keep track and create special ways to thank people who refer you, like creating a simple-to-implement VIP program (they’ll be more likely to refer you even more).
  • Let clients know that you are thinking of them with automated birthday greetings, “how are you feeling” messages, etc.
  • Build targeted email campaigns, which you can integrate with MailChimp or other email platforms.

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Partners & Integrations

Clinicmaster has proudly teamed up with partners and developed integrations to bring you exceptional tools, products, and services in areas such as marketing, billing and finance in order to make it easier to run and grow your healthcare practice.  And even save you money in the process.

  • Enjoy healthy savings with exclusive telecommunications, banking, and payment processing rates from our industry-leading partners.
  • Leverage the power of exercise program videos and images specially created for healthcare practitioners (physiotherapist, weight management coaches, etc.).
  • Access all the important healthcare data available in FOTO to design treatment programs with the best outcomes for your clients.
  • Streamline your billing using point-and-click tools to take the headache out of billing insurance companies, motor vehicle department or worker’s compensation in your province, territory or region.
  • Create smarter online marketing campaigns with powerful integrations you’ll only find on the Clinicmaster platform.

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Clinicmaster uses the most advanced technology to create the ultimate, most user-friendly experience for you – all focused on helping you manage and grow your practice, large or small.

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