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You set up your practice to help people reach a higher level of wellness. You learned all about the human body and the best treatment solutions for different pain and health issues. You even created a welcoming environment so your clients know they are in good hands.

Accounting is the last thing on your mind. But…

Accounting is an important part of your business. There’s no getting around it. That is why Clinicmaster comes with an intelligent system that simplifies your billing and accounting – no matter how complex your billing structure – keeping your books organized and up to date. So you can focus on the part of your practice that you love: taking care of your clients.

Simple billing

Staying on top of your billing and making sure that all of your services are accurately invoiced are crucial to running your practice. Let Clinicmaster take care of it for you.

  • No more racking your brains with different regional regulations or invoice formats. Clinicmaster has fully integrated models to handle all billing requirements per region, territory or province (Teleplan, HCAI, Workers’ Compensation, Motor Vehicle Associations (MVA), CNESST, SAAQ, etc.).
  • Create a client invoice at the same time as appointment booking, with just a few clicks.
  • Issue statements and invoices via email or through the client’s login account .
  • Issue invoices old school when you need to: simply print them and hand them to clients in person, or send them by fax or regular mail.

Automatic split-billing

If you have clients with insurance or co-pay, Clinicmaster will do the splitting for you. The system will automatically bill clients their portion and a third party its portion (insurer, employer, motor vehicle association, etc.), as required.

  • Accommodate your clients’ complex multi-payer, multi-invoice coverage.
  • Offer your clients various methods of payments (credit card, cash, debit).

Clinicmaster has all the features to make billing effortless.

Third-party batch-billing

Clinicmaster keeps track of your third-party billing and allows you to batch bill
with a few easy clicks according to the billing time intervals required by the
various funders.

  • Set up your batch-billing in Clinicmaster to comply with the requirements of all
    the funders you deal with.
  • Invoice one client at a time per visit, or batch bill
    all your patients on one invoice daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.

Accounts receivable management

Cash flow is king. You need to stay on top of your accounts receivable and make sure you get paid in a timely manner so you can pay your bills and keep your business afloat.

  • Track billing and accounts receivable per funder, per patient and per practitioner.
  • Process invoice payments through Clinicmaster so your bookkeeping is always up to date.
  • Generate easy-to-understand Accounts Receivable reports.
  • Use the power of the Collection Management tool to keep records of communications regarding overdue accounts so you know when you can expect payment.

Practitioner compensation management

Money in, money out. Do you have different payment agreements for different practitioners for different treatments? Make sure you pay them exactly as per the terms of your agreement and keep everyone happy, including you and your bookkeeper.

  • Set up different payment structures for different practitioners and therapies.
  • Generate easy-to-understand compensation reports.
  • Always know when payments have been processed so you can better manage your cash flow.

Sales management

Between treatments and products, you are making sales all day long.  Clinicmaster streamlines your payment processes, recording and filing all your transactions to make end-of-day operations, as well as monthly and yearly reporting, faster and easier.

  • Set it and forget it. Input your sales taxes rates once. Then, don’t give it another thought.
  • Add product purchases and invoice details from the Appointments screen, and then proceed to Collect Payment.
  • Put away your calculator. Clinicmaster tabulates sales totals and applicable sales taxes for you. No more clients looking over your shoulder to check your math.
  • Boost sales with gift cards for complementary services (e.g.: massages) and track redemption (Clinicmaster assigns a serial number to each gift card for easy management).
  • Promote a special offer or featured product by offering a discount using a promo code. (Clinicmaster will calculate the promo code discount and record how many times it was used by clients).
  • Protect and balance your cash with our integrated Cash Drawer option.
  • Make refunds and credits a snap with the Reverse Transaction tool.
  • Generate itemized daily, monthly and yearly reports of all your sales.
  • See how much inventory you have left after every sale with Clinicmaster inventory counts.

Bookkeeping accelerators

Clinicmaster comes with countless General Ledger features that save you time and money. Complete your monthly bookkeeping yourself in minutes and send the reports to your bookkeeper with the peace of mind that everything is in order and accurate. Your bookkeeper will love you for it.

  • Save money by saving your bookkeeper the tedious job of going through a shoebox full of receipts.
  • Set up multiple GL (general ledger) accounts for as many divisions as you need: physiotherapy, chiro, acupuncture, inventory sales, etc.
  • Create GL accounts by any tier: patient, funder, practitioner, etc.
  • Generate bookkeeping reports in a snap.
  • Send your accounting software the numbers and reports needed to update your books and file your returns
  • Set posting rules to block others from altering your financial data.
  • Post, track and audit any and all changes to your financial numbers.

Key Facts

  • $500 million in medical services are billed annually with Clinicmaster.
  • 82% online access.
  • 81% quick change in sales taxes or rates.
  • 42% tracking expenses.

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