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Welcome to the paperless world, with the fully loaded Clinicmaster digital charting and EMR system. At every phase of charting, from intake to discharge, it seamlessly merges all information pertaining to a client into a single electronic chart – accessible via smartphone, tablet or desktop, at work or at home.

There’s more. Clinicmaster’s powerful charting and EMR goes beyond digital versions of traditional charts.

We have developed “intelligent” electronic forms that automate and dramatically improve your clinic’s workflow – the countless tasks carried out by the different people involved in the care of a client, including your receptionist, practitioner and even the client. You won’t believe what you’ll be able to do.

Efficient document workflow

Not all EMRs are created equal. Clinicmaster is the only system designed specifically to improve document workflow in ways you never imagined possible. Your entire staff performs better, faster and more efficiently, all focused on providing the ultimate client care experience.

  • Stop paying for staff to pull and file client charts: access and update them directly on screen.
  • Give instructions in real time to anyone on staff from your charting screen. No more picking up the phone or walking to another area of the clinic to convey a message.
  • Access critical information from hundreds or even thousands of client charts to analyze your standard of care – and gain insights into ways to improve.
  • Put an end to photocopying and printing charts for your clients. Click the “share” button to give them full access to their printable charts through their client login page.
  • Receive automated notifications whenever an item is added to a client chart.
  • Keep your day organized with automated reminders sent to your to-do list.

Clinicmaster form framework

Clinicmaster has built a unique library of forms that “think” and “communicate” with each other in order to improve workflow in your clinic.  We call this our form framework, and we are the only system in the industry to offer you such a powerful feature.

  • Update all related files automatically when you make modifications in a client chart (a change of address, for example).
  • Create customized charting forms for each treatment category and/or practitioner.
  • Trust Clinicmaster to create digital versions of your charting and EMR forms. Our engineers will literally rebuild your forms to capture the data the way you want.
  • OR pick from hundreds of prebuilt forms in our self-serve library.
  • Create personalized messages that the system will know to send.
  • Access any government or insurance forms you need
    to fill out for patient progress reports.

We are the only system in the industry
to offer you such a powerful feature.

Convenient intake process

Your waiting room is busy. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could reduce wait times? Clinicmaster can help by inviting clients to fill out their intake forms BEFORE they arrive for their appointment.

  • Let clients fill out their intake forms at home through the client login page on your website. As soon as they hit “save”, your practitioner receives a notification and can consult the forms in real time.
  • Create customized intake forms for the different disciplines in your clinic – one for your physiotherapist, another for your chiropractor and a completely different one for your dietician.
  • Send your client a customized, automated email with a clickable link to all the forms to fill out.
  • What if a client doesn’t complete the intake forms beforehand? Clinicmaster will advise your receptionist to ask the client to fill them out on your clinic’s kiosk computer or tablet.
  • Use our scanning feature to scan prescriptions, forms from work, etc. and insert them electronically into a client’s chart. Then hand them back to the client.

Daily charting

Accurate, detailed charting is more than a requirement, it is vital to providing top-notch care. Create, chart and fill out SOAPS digitally using the latest interactive tools on any device, and stay on top of this essential task throughout your busy day.

  • Create your own charts according to your own needs and SOAP note structure, whether you are a doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist…
  • Fill it in the way you want: write with your finger, use the Stylus.
  • Dictate your notes and let the system type them out for you.
  • Take and add photos, videos, voice recordings.
  • Never overlook a charting requirement: Clinicmaster automatically verifies that all your appointments are charted
  • Create an exercise program that your client can access at home through the client login page (it gets automatically inserted into your client’s electronic chart too!).
  • Get notifications when your client has completed different exercises in the program you prescribed. Clinicmaster will track and record the progress in the client’s chart.
  • Invite clients to fill in pain assessments and other updates online at their convenience, as part of your daily charting process. Clinicmaster will automatically add the information to their charts.
  • Attach any document (lab results, insurance papers, doctor’s notes, prescriptions, fax, etc.) to a client chart using any method: drag and drop, scan, etc.
  • Scan legacy documents and let the system automatically bring them into the patient’s chart.

Discharge process

Clinicmaster’s form framework supports all standard outcome measures. It also features built-in ways to let you communicate with patients, even after their treatment cycle is complete.

  • Invite patients to fill PROMs like DASH, Neck Disability Index, etc.
  • Use FOTO capability within Clinicmaster, thanks to our integration.
  • Create a maintenance program that clients can follow at home after discharge and touch base with them from time to time.
  • Stay in touch with clients with friendly automated messages letting them know that they can contact you if they are having any issues.
  • Send automated surveys asking clients to evaluate their experience at your clinic.

Charting screen features

Pulling files and printing day sheets are a thing of the past. Now, the full day’s appointment schedule is visible on screen, with notes and charts all accessible in just a click.

  • Clinicmaster automatically displays your next client on your screen.
  • Click on a client’s name and his or her chart pops up for your review.
  • Interact with your client’s electronic chart right there and then
    – add notes, photos or videos, fill out forms, etc.
  • View items in the order they are added to the chart or call
    up specific items you want to examine, such as notes from
    a previous visit, a photo, doctor’s prescription, etc.
  • Declutter your screen: quickly minimize or hide
    less important items so you can better focus on the task
    at hand.
  • Create today’s note by copying a previous note
    for quicker updating, when applicable.

Key Facts

  • Over 5000 professionals use our EMR system every day.

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