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Even before your first client arrives in the morning, the daily operations of your clinic are in full swing and stay that way right up until the lights are turned out at night. Your staff is juggling charts, clients, transactions, billings, insurance coverages, schedules, inquiries and so much more.

Lighten the load of your clinic management with Clinicmaster. It puts all of the information and tools your staff needs to manage your clinic more efficiently right at their fingertips. So you can all finish faster when it comes to those day-to-day tasks that are so critical to your business.

End-of-day management

At the end of a busy day, there are quite a few tasks that need to be completed before you and your reception staff can leave for the evening. With Clinicmaster, do in minutes what would otherwise take so much longer – and boost your clinic’s profitability.

  • Balance your cash, credit card and debit transactions in no time.
  • No need to print and hand out next-day schedules anymore. Generate customized day sheets that practitioners can access through planners like Google Calendar, iCalendar or Microsoft Outlook, as well as through Clinicmaster’s professional portal.
  • Pull client charts electronically and be ready for the next day in a snap.

Inventory management

Offering your clients products that complement your treatments is a great way to help them achieve their wellness goals – and increase your bottom line.  Clinicmaster comes with so many features to help you manage your inventory and create an enjoyable, professional POS experience.

  • Put an end to pricing errors. Print labels that you can stick on your products and read with a barcode scanner.
  • Receive Clinicmaster alerts when it is time to reorder stock.
  • Build purchase orders and send them to your suppliers through Clinicmaster.

Calculate individual compensation rate for each practitioner.

Clinicmaster automated cash drawer

Cash, credit, debit… Keeping track of all those transactions at your front desk can be a challenge. Know everything that is happening in your till using the well-organized Clinicmaster automatic cash drawer. It records each time your cash drawer is opened.

  • Reduce EOD calculation errors and discrepancies.
  • Review the specifics of every transaction, with recorded date, user ID, totals, etc.
  • Assign an access code to everyone who may have to open your cash drawer.

Automated to-do lists

Get rid of all your yellow sticky notes! Use the built-in reminder system to create to-do lists so you and your staff stay on top of all the day-to-day and special tasks that keep your clinic running smoothly.

  • A little bell reminds you that an actionable is coming up.
  • Create electronic memos and messages to send to your staff.
  • Empower your staff with the ability to create electronic messages and memos to send to each other.
  • Receive important reminders that automatically show up in your to-dos (e.g.: client reaching funding limit, special requirements for special clients, low inventory, etc.).

Treatment plan compliance management

How many clients forget to book follow-ups or lose track of how much funding they have left?  Clinicmaster remembers for you and identifies dropped patients who you can invite back to complete their treatment plans. With this feature alone, Clinicmaster can more than pay for itself.

  • Always know how many visits and how much funding clients have left.
  • Receive alerts when you have to request a treatment plan extension if needed.
  • Get automatic warnings about missed billings.
  • Receive automated reminders when a client is approaching a limit.
  • Increase revenues by reactivating dropped clients.
  • Get automated cash-flow alerts when payment collections are lagging behind.

Customized compensation calculations

Managing accurate compensation can be an accounting headache, especially if you have different payment agreements for different members of your team. Clinicmaster addresses these pain points with its customized compensation calculations feature.

  • Set individual payment parameters for each practitioner and/or treatment category.
  • Determine if you calculate compensation by percentage, flat rates, etc.
  • Decide whether you pay on the treatment date or when your clinic is paid.
  • Generate quick, automatic tabulations for each practitioner.
  • Reduce your paperwork and potential miscalculations when paying out compensation.

Key Facts

  • +100 mission-critical features to help you operate your clinic.

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