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Create patients
Create physicians
Create professionals
CNESST – All attendances (I, P, A, V, G)
CNESST – Manage all cases (patients)
CNESST – Create/Send Initial Reports
CNESST – Create/Send Final Reports
CNESST – Create/Send Progress Reports
CNESST – Create/Send Attendance Reports
Multi-user functionality
More than one user can access the CNESST dashboard at the same time. Every professional can create progress reports without having to worry about accessing the platform.

CNESST – Create/Send Attendance Reports in Batch Process
All attendances (I, P, A, V, G) are automatically inserted in each report, in less than a minute. (Batch Attendances Reports)
CNESST – Manage “Avis Motivé”
The “avis motivé due” function is a tool that allows you to know the number of appointments (30) ou number of days (56) before a report is due. The paper version of the report is automatically created by the software.
CNESST – Automatically merge information in the reports
Don’t double the work:

  • All patient-related information is automatically merged (name, last name, address, insurance card number, etc.)
  • All record-related information is automatically merged (injury, date of injury, part of the body, physician, prescription date, estimated duration of treatment plan, frequency of appointments.)
  • The date of the assessment appointment is automatically inserted.
  • The date of the first treatment session is automatically inserted.
CNESST – Dashboard – Manage reports/status
Manage all CNESST records from one screen that shows:

  • the errors that need to be fixed
  • the reports that are ready to be sent
  • the reports on hold
  • the reports accepted by the CNESST
  • the reports denied by the CNESST
CNESST – Validation/Error detection
Clinicmaster adheres to the CNESST rules and procedures:

  • All reports are validated prior to being sent to the CNESST.
  • The “not-valid” reports will not be sent.
  • The final report will not be sent if some attendances are missing
CNESST – Conversion tool for data stored in another system (ex. PRODF, Techno-Readapt, Horasoft, Adapmed, CliniGestion)
All patient information stored within the former software is automatically converted into Clinicmaster, including records, reports and other information required by the CNESST rules and procedures.
CNESST – Conversion tool for data stored in PhysioErgo (CNESST software)
All patient information stored within the former software is automatically converted into Clinicmaster, including records, reports and other information required by the CNESST rules and procedures.
CNESST – Manage all progress reports due
A complete dashboard that lists all patients by professional and shows when their progress reports are due. The date appears in red when it is overdue. It is impossible to skip or forget a progress report.
Manage all of the clinic’s records, patient files and appointments
Not only for CNESST.
SAAQ – Refund claim
Create SAAQ ”Refund claim” reports for Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy.
Automated appointment reminders (SMS, email, phone)
A tool that will automatically confirm upcoming appointments by SMS, email or phone call.
Therapist day sheet management tool
Print/email any professional’s day sheet.
Therapist schedule management tool
Manage availabilites of each professional according to their working schedule.
Therapist vacation management tool
Manage vacation of each professional.
Waiting list management tool
A tool that allows you to manage all the patients that are on the waiting list. An alert will show up on the screen if a patient is elligible for the cancellation.
No need for a second clinic management software
Don’t double the work.
Microsoft-certified desktop application for Win 7, Win 8, Win 10
Clinicmaster is a Microsoft Gold Partner and is compatible with all Microsoft operating systems (including Win XP that is no longer supported by Microsoft).
Cloud Application
The client can use both application program interfaces, either desktop or cloud (hybrid solution).
Desktop application automatically updated (remote upload)
All updates are free of charge when changes are made to the CNESST rules and procedures.
Unlimited technical support (free)
Unlimited technical support (bugs, printer problems, network issues, etc.) provided by a team of over 30 agents.
Continuous personalized training, webinars, online documentation (free)
Our customer service agents are available Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.
Form framework that merges all CNESST reports for all disciplines – not only for Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy.
Clinicmaster provides over 300 forms across Canada, for various disciplines, including CNESST forms that are not part of PhysioErgo’s software.

Key Facts

  • 10 times more integrations and partners than our closest competitor.
  • Consulted over 300 of our clients to prioritize our next integrations.

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