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Smart, efficient, well-managed appointment booking is key to the success of your business. Clinicmaster is loaded with smart, built-in features to simplify the process for you, your clients, practitioners and receptionist – no matter how big or small your practice.

What’s more, you can access Clinicmaster from any platform or device:  desktop, web, smartphone or tablet. So anyone can book appointments anywhere, anytime – and keep your clinic busy with a full appointment schedule.

Light, on-the-go web booking

Offer the convenience and mobility of easy online booking. A few simple clicks and it’s done. Because in today’s fast-paced world, no one has the time or patience to be put on hold.

  • Clients book directly on your site – no more dropped calls.
  • Practitioners can schedule follow-ups on their tablet – even while they are with a client. How convenient is that?
  • Receptionists are freed up to focus on other important clinic management tasks.
  • You or your receptionist can access your Clinicmaster desktop via Cloud or web to take care of business from anywhere – home, a coffee shop or even the cottage.

Multi-disciplinary, multi-practitioner scheduling

Designed to make running the front desk of even the largest clinics more efficient, our powerful desktop version is control central, where you can manage the schedules of an unlimited number of practitioners and therapies. And you don’t need an in-house tech department to set it all up.

  • Forget scrolling. Get a clinic-wide view of practitioner appointments for the day, week or month – all from one screen.
  • Schedule multiple appointments for practitioners who can see more than one client at once.
  • View practitioners’ schedules side by side to book the same client for multiple practitioners on the same day.
  • Know at a glance which rooms and special equipment are available for a particular time slot.
  • Stay connected and productive with access to your desktop from anywhere via Cloud or the web.

Today’s the day to start managing it better.

Robust, customizable features

It’s all about smart organization and control when it comes to appointment booking. Clinicmaster lets you customize your dashboard according to the needs of your business with tabs, color coding, a suite of symbols, and more. In fact, there is no limit to how much you can customize it.

  • Customize according to practitioner type (physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, osteopath…).
  • Set specific lengths of appointment times for each treatment category.
  • Colour-code and add symbols to indicate important details like treatment type, client insurance coverage, first visits, VIP client, etc.
  • Highlight availability of special rooms or equipment.
  • Identify individual practitioner’s scheduling requests (lunch breaks, vacation days, etc.).

Client login page

Add a Clinicmaster button to your website so your existing and potential clients can book their own appointments and access all kinds of easy-to-use, time-saving tools through their personal login page – and reduce the workload of your reception staff.

There’s so much clients can do:

  • View the availabilities of your practitioners and book the appointment most convenient for them.
  • Make online payments for their appointments.
  • Fill out intake forms prior to their first visit, saving precious time at the clinic.
  • Chat live with a therapist.
  • See at a glance how many appointments are left on their funding.
  • View and print their personal charts.
  • Access their exercise program, watch posted videos and keep track of their progress for optimal wellness and recovery

Automated appointment reminders

Reduce your no-shows and cancellations – and use your staff’s time smarter – by sending clients automated reminders of their upcoming appointments.

  • Let your clients decide how to be reminded: automated phone call, text message or email.
  • Customize your message and specify how you would like your clients to respond.
  • Send multiple reminders at intervals you set (one week in advance, the day before…).

Wait List management

Got a cancellation? Offer the spot to another client who wants to see you or your practitioners sooner – and keep your schedule as full as possible. As an added bonus, it will help reduce all the yellow sticky notes and keep your reception area tidy and welcoming.

  • When a client cancels, Clinicmaster will automatically check the wait list and tell you right away who would like that time slot.
  • The system will also alert you if you overbook or double-book.

Call center convenience

Do you have clinics in multiple locations?  Now it is easy to manage them all using our Call Center feature. Plus, since it is web-based, you can run it 24/7 from anywhere, not necessarily from within the four walls of your brick-and-mortar practice.

  • Book across all of your locations from one central number.
  • Extend your reception hours and have someone answer client calls long after your office has closed.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of hiring someone who can work off-site (from home, for example).

Key Facts

  • 7 million appointments are booked every year with Clinicmaster.
  • 90% of text messages are read within 90 seconds of delivery.
  • 80% of mobile medical searches lead to online action within one hour. Offer online booking to broaden your clientele.

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