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Countdown to Clinicmaster Cloud

Clinicmaster is cloud ready!

Our new online solution has all the right features to bring your clinic to the next level. Designed for multidisciplinary clinics with the best user experience in mind.  The ultimate Practice Management Software on the market –  to facilitate clinic management and augment patient engagement!

Clinicmaster Web

  • 100% cloud hosted chart notes: access anywhere from any device
  • Chart offline: resync and save when online
  • Complete chart notes and review completed ones in the same page/tab without the need to scroll
  • Add photos, videos, documents to chart notes
  • Full charting audit trail, ultra-secure and encrypted
  • Search, filter, export as PDF and print chart notes effortlessly
  • KPI dashboard for insights to run your clinic efficiently
  • Word processor included
  • Allows two-way communication (dialog) between practitioners and admin staff
  • Net promoter score and 5-star rating system 
  • Update practitioner profile right from Clinicmaster Web 
  • Ability to send beautifully crafted HTML emails to clients directly from the portal
  • Emails sent through our email service providers for better user experience and spam compliance
  • Includes Telerehab capabilities
  • Integration with Physiotec

Client Portal

  • Fresh look which may be themed to match your website color scheme 

  • Ability to add images and messages to the landing page of your booking site 
  • Customizable to create a successful client onboarding experience

  • Fully integrated with Google Analytics tags. Bringing you the ability to track the performance of your client and prospect experience on the portal
  • Swift and intuitive online booking process

  • Availabilities are presented contextually allowing the client to follow a smooth booking path

  • Returning clients may easily rebook using their last appointment parameters without having to re-select practitioner and service
  • Client dashboard to manage appointments, exercises and shared medical notes
  • Clients may now rate the clinic, admin, and practitioner using our 5-star rating system 
  • Clients are prompted to complete a Net Promoter Score survey and results are reported to clinic owners/admin
  • Clients may opt-in to providing testimonials for your social media interfaces

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Key Facts

  • Over 2 million patients are reached using in Clinicmaster tools.
  • 96% client satisfaction rate over the last 5 years.
  • Sold to over 1000 clinics.
  • 100% dedicated to client satisfaction.

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