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Client Care Specialists

As a Clinicmaster client, you have access to our highly trained Client Care Specialists, who provides you with dedicated one-on-one service, because we know that your time is best spent with a patient.

Our Client Care Specialist team will:

  • ensure the transition from your current provider.
  • safely measure quality support.
  • provide continuous knowledge growth.
  • propose business acumen webinars and training services.
  • promote products and services that bring value to your organization.
  • most importantly, orchestrate your account within the community.

Online Knowledge base

Our new, simple, user-friendly customer-support knowledge base (Client Care ticketing tool) is now available to help you become proficient and efficient when using Clinicmaster. Whether you are getting started, wondering how to perform a specific task, have a frequently asked question or are just curious as to what’s new and improved in the latest version, our knowledge base is only a click away.


Technical Support Specialists

We are dedicated to providing you with unrivaled technical support services.

Every member of our team is an experienced and proactive technical support expert with the knowledge to help you with technical questions related to Clinicmaster.  We pride ourselves on providing efficient turnaround of support tickets and are committed to helping you get back to running your business fast.


Your data is your business!  The potential cost of continuing without or recreating data is extremely high.  We offer backup services to automatically and securely back up data to a safe, remote off-site location.  Backup services are performed continuously and offer automatic data protection, thus guaranteeing data recovery.  There is no additional equipment to buy, lease or operate.  Whether it be PIPEDA, HIPAA or any of the myriad regulations impacting your business, we help you comply effortlessly.  Database backup services offer a competitive advantage: continuous, guaranteed access to all your data, all the time.

Implementation and conversion support

Are you looking to switch software?

Clinicmaster’s implementation specialists make switching so easy. We have years of experience successfully converting data from a variety of vendors.

Our team of experts will evaluate your needs, establish a timeline, perform tests, validate the output, and deliver on time and on budget. They will make sure you are well informed, organized and prepared to transition to our software, with all the services needed to convert your patient information.

Orchestrating a smooth transition and conversion from your current software provider to Clinicmaster requires careful planning and execution.  It involves people, processes, technology, infrastructure, and tools. The switchover process is a multi-faceted approach that includes:

  • Determination
  • Data Procurement
  • Data Analysis and Planning
  • Conversion
  • Preparation
  • Execution

Clinicmaster conversion and implementation specialists ensure that the process is performed accurately, in a timely fashion and on budget.  Over the years, we have successfully converted patient, appointment, financial and medical notes from a variety of software providers including:

  • Jane app
  • Clinic Essential
  • Clinic Server
  • Practice Perfect
  • Techno Readapt
  • Smart Series
  • Cliniko
  • Web PT
  • Antibex
  • Abel Med
  • Clini Gestion
  • Go Rendezvous
  • Excel
  • Accuro
  • Simple Accounting
  • Quickbooks
  • Accomba
  • Access DB
  • MRX
  • Chiro Suite
  • Global Office
  • Pro Df
  • PMP
  • Simply Physio
  • Wolf Medical Systems
  • VMedical
  • Therapist Helper
  • Dr. Direct
  • CBI
  • Clinic Expert
  • Medi-Track
  • Md 5000
  • Health Quest
  • Gesthor
  • E z chiro
  • Office Therapy
  • Mr. X
  • Appointment plus
  • Med-trac
  • Go Physio
  • Freedom
  • Raintree
  • Phoenix
  • Outlook
  • DelFry
  • Adapt Med
  • Careware
  • Clinique Gestion
  • FileMaker
  • GCP
  • Gestion Plus
  • Hora Soft
  • Book Fresh
  • ACT
  • Med Access
  • 4D
  • Klinix
  • Physio Plus
  • Rehab Plus

Continuous IT development

At Clinicmaster, we have the reputation of being one of the rare software providers to continuously develop new features tailored to our community of users. We invest substantial efforts and resources in making Clinicmaster ever-evolving and feature-rich by staying up to date on the latest technologies, legislation changes, etc. and being attuned to the needs of clients.

In fact, we want your feedback and many of the new features are suggested by our community of users.

You never know… you might be invited to participate in one of our Focus Groups.

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